About Our Company

Bangor Plastics Inc. in Bangor, Michigan, was founded in 1944 as a thermoset plastic processor. BPI has over 70 years of experience in both thermoplastic injection molding as well as thermoset injection, compression and transfer molding. We serve many major markets including automotive, commercial trucks, and aerospace. We also serve many other customers in other custom injection and compression molding markets.

Providing Quality Services

Our size allows us to respond quickly to the needs of the customer. We work closely with our tooling sources to provide fast parts turnover with solid engineering. We also provide secondary assembly and machining as well as standard packaging.



We are ISO-9001:2015/ AS9100D Registered. Bangor Plastics is capable of short runs, small quantities and large volume service. 

Quality Policy

 At BANGOR PLASTICS, quality is the foundation for ongoing success. We strive to continuously improve our processes and products, emphasizing the importance of reaching our safety, quality, and productivity goals.Every employee is committed to making Bangor Plastics a quality leader in the industry.

 Our Quality Policy is summarized as: “Bangor Plastics stands for Performance Excellence”

Fast Shipping

Located just 30 miles from Kalamazoo, Michigan, we can respond to all shipping requirements quickly. We typically ship orders within one day to both Detroit, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois.

Contact us in Bangor, Michigan, to find out about our plastic molding company and streamlined services.