Custom Injection, Compression and Transfer Molding in Bangor, Michigan

Choose the industry standard for excellence for your custom molding services in Bangor, Michigan. At Bangor Plastics, Inc., we are molding the industry standard and improving how we process plastics every day.

Compression Molding is a molding process where preheated thermoset materials such as Phenolics or BMC's among other compostites are placed directly into the heated mold cavities. The mold is then closed forcing the material into the cavity detail to produce the part. Heat and pressure are maintained until the molding material has cured. This process yields exceptional dimensional stability, thick and thin cross sections and the use of insert molding in the correct application.

Injection Molding utilizes a screw-type plunger to force molten plastic material such as ABS, Polystyrene, Ryton, Nylon6 or even Phenolics among many other compounds into a mold cavity; this solidifies into a shape that has conformed to the detail of the mold. It is commonly used to process both thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. While thermosets cure under heat and pressure and permanently set similar to concrete, thermoplastics are cooled in the mold and are able to be reprocessed similar to candle wax. This process yields faster cycle times with typically thin cross sections.

Transfer Molding is similar to compression molding but employs a piston/cylindar device for thermoset composite processing. The material is placed above the closed heated mold and is forced downward through the gate and into the mold cavities. The mold is held closed while the material cures. This process results in the molded part leaving the mold cleaner and is suited well for insert molding. This process yields good dimensional stability, medium to thin cross sections.

Secondary Operations available at Bangor Plastics Inc. have grown with our business. We have setup custom work cells in some cases to accommadate lathe, keyway broaching, drill and tap operations. In some cases we have built custom equipment to serve our customers needs. We are setup for light assembly and take into consideration our customers packaging needs as well.

Serving Various Industries

Receive the experience of a company that has worked across a wide range of industries. In fact, as we enter our 70th year, we have molded a little bit of everything. We mold components for trucking and appliance industries, as well as components for aircraft electrical systems. We are currently completing projects for companies such as Volvo, Mack Trucks®, and Honeywell Aerospace.


Serving the Military

We are proud to offer service for various defense contractors, dedicated to keeping members of our military safe. Our company provides services for top defense contractors and for OEM.

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